The future of pharmacy, fulfilled.

Today, iA is one of the leading providers of software-enabled pharmacy fulfillment and automation solutions for pharmacy providers. Our primary goal has always been, and will always be, to work with pharmacy providers to unleash the full potential of pharmacy. iA provides a comprehensive solution that enables centralized fulfillment services and retail solutions, utilizing pharmacy automation, run by our intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform, NEXiA.

iA's intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform — NEXiA — is the technological foundation of our automated fulfillment solutions, connecting many aspects of the prescription fulfillment process — from prescription acceptance to delivery, across many different touch points. NEXiA manages prescription fulfillment, while continuously processing prescription orders in real time, evaluating constraints, and preparing orders to ensure prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.

Intelligent Pharmacy Fulfillment

Intelligent Pharmacy Fulfillment

Why iA

As an innovator of software-enabled pharmacy fulfillment technologies, iA offers robust solutions for centralized fulfillment or retail pharmacy settings — at various prescription volumes and market segments.

Enable Accuracy & Safety

Designed from the ground up with quality and safety in mind, NEXiA, iA’s intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform, delivers impressive quality control. Our processes, software, and hardware have been fine-tuned with patient safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Increased Speed & Efficiency

Utilizing elastic demand workflow, NEXiA processes prescription orders in real time, evaluates constraints, and prepares inventory to intelligently manage the fulfillment process and helps prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.

Flexible & Scalable

iA is constantly innovating to create systems that maximize performance and output. Our modular robotic and software systems are designed to grow and scale as demand grows.

Omnichannel Patient Delivery

iA offers pharmacy providers the opportunity to help meet the demands of their patients, by expanding patient choice and a flexible pharmacy fulfillment solution that delivers convenience to their patients.

Customer Success

“At Publix, it’s important to us that we are able to provide essential community health services in our pharmacies. Thanks to iA, we’ve given more flu vaccines this year and our overall patient-facing experience is greatly improved. And our pharmacists are happier, too.”

Dain Rusk, VP of Pharmacy, Publix

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