NEXiA® Enterprise
Software Suite.

NEXiA®, our leading-edge suite of intelligent pharmacy fulfillment software, is the technology foundation of our entire automated fulfillment process. Designed to grow and adapt as your pharmacy’s needs evolve, NEXiA® orchestrates the fulfillment process seamlessly to help prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

NEXiA® helps deliver efficient, accurate prescription fulfillment, and impressive quality control. From prescription acceptance to delivery, pharmacies can process orders in real time, evaluate constraints, prepare and manage inventory more effectively, helping pharmacies reduce operational costs and meet patients’ promise times.

  • Improves efficiency by streamlining prescription filling, dispensing, and process management, and can help you to reduce operational costs
  • Promotes better patient care by automating operational tasks to help reduce human error
  • Provides advanced data insights with end-to-end reporting that can help improve accuracy and reliability across the prescription lifecycle
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NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite benefits.

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Inventory Management

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Omnichannel Delivery

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Bi-directional Software

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Production Control

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Workflow Processes


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