iA is excited to offer enhanced customized training services for our customers of all sizes and tenures designed to modernize and optimize the benefits of iA’s centralized fulfillment solutions.


Our Training Services will leverage industry best practices and the training team’s extensive experience to support ongoing customer needs. Our programs are designed to help on-site operators gain a deeper knowledge of our NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite and all aspects of systems management in iA’s portfolio of solutions. Along with our initial on-site technical training, our activation training will offer our newest customers clear guidelines on the scope and limits of their systems and offer troubleshooting to resolve issues quickly.

Enhanced training services will be offered as separate packages or as an a la carte service with training modules tailored to the unique needs and goals of each customer, allowing for personalized training paths and skill development for their staff while providing remote access to materials and resources that promote a culture of continuous learning. Our aim is to facilitate our customers’ long-term success with services that will help them get the most out of iA’s platform of solutions while supporting the retention and well-being of their team.


As a proactive partner, committed to helping our customers evolve to meet changing demands, iA’s Planogram Update Services will allow customers to optimize and manage their inventory placement proactively, with goals towards enabling higher efficiency fill rates, and visibility into key business decisions and opportunities.

Leveraging industry best practices developed through 30 years of iA automation, our Planogram Update Services will focus analysis on optimizing volume and manual workflows, minimizing travel distances, and improved asset throughput. Upon alignment of strategy, this analysis can also be geared to balance load, or maximize equipment utilization. This service provides a more consumable format to inform customers’ ever-changing formulary and help quantify the projected financial impact of changes to the organization. In addition, customer specific data will include assistance in the implementation of recommended changes.

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