Centralized pharmacy
fulfillment solutions.

Comprehensive prescription fulfillment solutions that support pharmacies at any level in a centralized location.

iA Centralized Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions range from semi-automated to fully automated software-enabled pharmacy systems that optimize prescription fulfillment operations at multiple sizes.

Actionable dashboard insights and Rx tracking across the entire fulfillment cycle help improve workflow and increase efficiency, from acceptance and delivery to conveyance, order collation, inventory management, sortation, and more.

iA Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform includes solutions for centralized pharmacy fulfillment and pharmacy automation

Smart centralized pharmacy fulfillment benefits that grow with you.

Patient Choice for Delivery

Scalable & Sustainable

Advanced Data Analytics

Actionable Dashboards

Improved Fill Rates

Streamlined Inventory Management

Comprehensive Rx Tracking

Real-Time Support


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