iA is a name we carry proudly. Innovation is what we do, and in many ways, who we are. With more than 30 years in the pharmacy industry we have invented and developed state-of-the-art pharmacy fulfillment technologies, from modular robotic pods to sophisticated counting and collation devices. Our technology catalog will provide you with the necessary tools and equipment to help you to improve efficiency and accuracy, help reduce overall operating costs, and redeploy your pharmacists to focus on patient care.

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Counting & Dispensing

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Shipment Work Center


Storage & Retrieval



Powered by our NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite, the Inventory Receiving Work Center ensures inventory is tracked and available to the appropriate system areas, including the Replenishment Work Center​.

Designed to receive and track inventory, this function within NEXiA® is unique in its ability to receive inventory based on expected purchase order supply and product package quantity. NEXiA® also makes stocking recommendations based on location usage and automatically generates restocking tasks using configured min/max levels and/or days on hand. iA’s automated receiving work center saves time by eliminating the need to count every item separately due to its ability to track inventory location and availability within the facility.



Replenishment work centers manage canister replenishment and verification.

iA’s high quality barcode verification and software controls, powered by NEXiA®, streamline the overall process and automate the tracking of lot codes and expiration dates, replenishment, and drug assignment tasks.


Counting & Dispensing

iA SmartPod: Designed to grow along with your business, our NEXiA® software powers SmartPod prescription fulfillment with accuracy and speed, tracking the entire process through a comprehensive and customizable dashboard.

Capable of accommodating changes in product mix or volume as your business evolves, and can expand from a baseline 2-cabinet configuration to a 6-cabinet configuration, our SmartPod scales to meet your needs without requiring an entirely new robot or set-up. The iA SmartPod is also a fully contained system, meaning labeling, filling, imaging, and capping are all done within the SmartPod which can help reduce the chance of cross contamination. Adding to the efficiency, iA’s 2-liter and 4-liter Canisters are replenished from outside the closed SmartPod, allowing for continuous dispensing, even during replenishment.

iA SmartDispenser: The cornerstone of iA’s pharmacy automation dispensing solutions, the SmartDispenser works within the iA SmartPod and iA Cabinet. Using proprietary counting technology, each SmartDispenser is an independent smart device, using NEXiA® software, which can be configured to store, count, and dispense virtually all tablet and capsule medications efficiently within a pharmacy environment – from retail to central fill to mail order.



The iA SmartCollator streamlines the collation process in a small, efficient footprint.

Harnessing the power of NEXiA® Enterprise Software Suite, the iA SmartCollator offers several options for consolidation of multiple prescriptions for the same patient, from routing-based and fully automated collation to manual and bar code driven solutions. Built with a unique space saving design that minimizes split packages, SmartCollator is completely interoperable with many pharmacy automation solutions, and can be scaled as needed.



​​iA’s central fill solution offers Manual, Semi-Automated, and Fully Automated Packing options to help accurately and efficiently get prescriptions into patients’ hands.

iA Smart SecurePack is a fully automated packing system that is designed to handle packaging a single prescription for a patient. The iA Smart SecurePack manages printing, folding, and inserting patient paperwork into a poly-bag and sealing it. Along with its minimalist footprint, this hardware offers a simple and intuitive interface with integrated cameras to assist with troubleshooting. Within an iA central fill solution, NEXiA® triggers Manual and Semi-Automated workstations to read RFID totes ahead ​and then queues up printing of accompanying paperwork so it’s ready when the tote arrives at the packing station. Barcode scans help ensure the right medication is sorted to the right tote and Push-to-Seal™ or standard footswitch seals the prescription for patient delivery or pick up.



iA works with trusted third-party providers to offer a full range of sortation solutions, for every volume, that meet the needs of the individual fulfillment facility.

Within an iA central fill solution, Sortation is where patient packages are directed to specific totes in order to be picked up and shipped back to retail stores, or sent directly to home via USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.​ NEXiA® powers our sortation workflow solutions accurately and efficiently to help get prescriptions into the hands of patients based on their order preference. Sortation can be managed manually for smaller volumes, and we support higher volume operations with multiple third party solutions that automate sortation to store based locations, cross docking applications, or mail-based location workflows. Barcode scans ensure the right prescription is sorted into the right tote​.


Shipment Work Center

iA’s shipping workflow provides tracking and visibility through the entire delivery process.

Powered by NEXiA® software, our shipping solutions seamlessly interface with third party multi-carrier vendors to provide in-line scales, barcode traceability, and advanced integrations that include generating manifests and advanced shipping notices. Providing tracking and visibility of shipments prevents incomplete or incorrect orders ​and ensures on-time delivery.


Storage & Retrieval

Material Delivery System: Created to meet the unique cap and bottle supply and sorting needs of high-volume central fill pharmacies.

The Material Delivery System is container agnostic and can work with the most used vial, bottle, and caps while providing fulfillment throughput for central fill and mail order pharmacy providers. With an overhead pneumatic tube system, the Material Delivery System can be placed in a convenient location within your facility and is easily expanded as filling requirements grow.

iA SmartShelf: Powered by NEXiA®, SmartShelf is a customizable pick-to-light solution for will call, storage and retrieval, order collation, and inventory control processing. Our pick-to-light solutions offer a wide range of configurations for light, shelf, and slots, helping to reduce incorrect picking and assist stock retrieval efficiency to streamline the order filling process.

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