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Unleashing the full potential of pharmacy automation with Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA

Aug 18, 2021 | Blogs

By: Tom Utech, Chief Strategy Officer

At iA, we envision a world where every patient has easy access to their pharmacist every time they visit their pharmacy, and patients have choice in the way their medications are dispensed (vial or pouch) and how they are delivered to them. When pharmacists are free to fulfill their roles as community healthcare providers, that’s unleashing the full potential of pharmacy, and that’s why we are so excited to launch Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA — the future of pharmacy, fulfilled.

Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA: Creating an Omnichannel Pharmacy fulfillment experience

With the rise in digital adoption and healthcare consumerization, patients’ expectations have evolved requiring pharmacies to adopt a more flexible fulfillment model. Today, patients’ look for solutions to meet their needs such as, where when and how they get their prescriptions. With over 25 years of focus on pharmacy and, we understand and have the ability to create technology solutions that have transitioned centralized fulfillment from typically being used for mail order prescriptions to our model, which is to offer quick turnaround fulfillment to pharmacies of many sizes while helping to offer improved patient choice: vial or pouch packaging, and choice for delivery at home or pick up in the store.

This transition is what will unleash the full potential of pharmacy. Our goals for Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA are to continue to elevate the pharmacist, to continue to help drive efficiency and patient safety, and to ultimately transform the industry overall to focus on the pharmacist-patient relationship.

This transition is what will unleash the full potential of pharmacy.

Pharmacy, fulfilled: Why is this so important to us?

As we have all witnessed firsthand, and as we have always believed, the pharmacy industry has become — and will remain — front and center for community healthcare, and pharmacists are critical to this transformation.

Today, pharmacists a large portion of their time dispensing medications, and pharmacy fulfillment through centralized fulfillment creates opportunities for pharmacies to shift work in order to create the time pharmacists need to deliver patient facing services.

We’re here to work with our customers to do just that – so next generation of pharmacists can remove dispensing work from a retail environment and expand their role in delivering patient care.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to unleash the “ful-filling” potential of pharmacy.

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