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Optimize prescription fulfillment. Deliver impactful patient care.

NEXiA, our intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform, is the technological foundation of our entire automated fulfillment solution. NEXiA provides comprehensive capabilities and flexibilities to drive omnichannel pharmacy fulfillment all the way from prescription acceptance to delivery across many different touch points.

NEXiA manages prescription fulfillment, while continuously processing prescription orders in real time, evaluating constraints, and preparing inventory to manage the fulfillment process and ensure prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.

Achieve Flexible Fulfillment

Intelligently adjusts workflow for optimal speed and efficiency of prescription fulfillment.

Improve Quality & Safety

Designed from the ground up with quality and safety in mind, NEXiA delivers quality control because it deploys barcode-driven technology at many of the phases of prescription fulfillment and delivery.

Empower Real Time Decisions

Sophisticated data analytics suite that tracks touch points once the prescription enters the pharmacy providing the ability for users to reliably make decisions and control fulfillment operations.

Get Started Quickly

Highly configurable, with 700 configuration parameters and 70 existing bidirectional interfaces, NEXiA integrates with many pharmacy systems and hardware technologies so you can get up to speed quickly while growing and evolving along with your business.

Efficient Inventory Management

NEXiA monitors inventory levels, adjusts workload, and prepares inventory to help optimize throughput while continuously collecting data around inventory management, tracking, and ordering to deliver actionable insights helping you to save time and aiding in reducing cost to fill.

Key Features

From initial prescription input, through every step of the fulfillment and delivery process, NEXiA integrates with 3rd party platforms including pharmacy management, e-commerce, inventory management, specialty care, queueing, and shipping.

System Management

  • Intelligent demand management
  • Dynamic prioritization
  • Work queue management and system oversight
  • Digital PV2 with remote capability

Automation Control

  • Dispensing and packaging
  • Storage and retrieval – including cold storage solutions
  • Materials handling through conveyance, sortation, and auto-collation
  • Virtual displays and performance dashboards

NEXiA Certifications

Continuously meets the United States Department of Defense’s (DoD) System Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGS)

DoD Accreditation for the Authority to Operate (ATO) and Authority to Connect (ATC)

Gold and Silver Application Development Certification for the Microsoft Partner Network program