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20 years of innovation and learning led to NEXiA

Aug 11, 2021 | Blogs

By: Alecia Lashier, Chief Solutions Architect

NEXiA is an end-to-end intelligent enterprise software platform created by iA’s software development team to enable pharmacy fulfillment. iA developed NEXiA after years of learning from our work in the pharmacy industry.

Twenty years ago iA was focused on our leading-edge hardware and our software was developed to support dispensing technologies. Over time our team realized that dispensing was just one aspect of pharmacy automation and fulfillment solutions. If the pharmacy industry was going to realize the transformative benefits of prescription fulfillment, NEXiA needed to do much more than manage dispensing and counting – so, we began developing with the focus on advancing our software to include workflow software specifically for pharmacy.

NEXiA: providing end-to-end control 

We have continuously developed and integrated additional functionality into the NEXiA platform including queue management, security verification of all filled prescriptions, storage management, integration with warehouse management software, and even integration with delivery and distribution for retail pharmacy. Today, NEXiA provides iA customers with true end-to-end control of the prescription fulfillment process once the prescription enters the pharmacy, along with line of sight across all of the production control systems within their operations as well as integration with third-party systems – creating unity across these systems.

NEXiA manages the entire lifecycle of a prescription – from when a prescription is received in the Pharmacy Management System all the way through to when the prescription is fulfilled and delivered to the pharmacy or directly to the patient.

It’s the patient – and pharmacist – that drives the commitment and passion of iA’s software development team to continuously innovate, bringing high quality and intelligent solutions to an industry that is crucial in the evolution of healthcare. That’s why we want to unleash the full potential of pharmacy.

Enabling the pharmacists and the patient 

For pharmacists, our focus was on creating the time they need to practice at the level they were trained to do. Removing the work of dispensing medications from a retail pharmacy environment helps create that time. It’s a story where automation actually works to empower people and hopefully also will result in improving the quality of life for the pharmacist.

For patients, our focus is on creating offerings that can lead to improved accuracy, ease of adherence, convenience, and expanding patient choice. By helping to improve medication adherence, iA is hoping to help improve the health and well-being of a patient. And, today, iA can work with pharmacy providers to create improved choice that allows patients to get their medications in many different ways – in the store or at their front door.

Whether our team is working late or working to revisit lines of code to improve functionality, this is what motivates us.

We know that NEXiA is helping improve the lives of pharmacists and their patients.

This is what really drives our relentless focus on all of the features and functions that our software development team incorporates into NEXiA on almost a daily basis.

A journey of innovation 

My passion for software goes back to my first college internship, which happened to be right here at iA. I am honored to be able to walk iA customers through the software development journey that I have been on and how that journey has resulted in NEXiA. And while I’m happy to talk with our customers about our software and work with them to help NEXiA integrate seamlessly across their software environment, I make a commitment to help them understand where we have been throughout our collective journey.

When I first started here at iA, the focus was on getting a disparate set of pharmacy automation equipment to talk to each other and work together – seamlessly. Today, I am proud of where iA is with NEXiA and the potential NEXiA creates for iA customers in allowing them to realize a transformed structure for prescription fulfillment that results in an improved composition and progression of pharmacy practice. When we think about all of the thousands of prescriptions that are filled through NEXiA everyday, we think about how that process is creating meaningful personal and professional benefits for iA customers, their pharmacists, and their patients. It’s what ultimately drives me to work in partnership with our team to design innovative solutions and continuously improve NEXiA every day.

I love that question that we often ask ourselves, “What makes you wake up and want to come into work in the morning?” For me, it’s simple – it’s my passion for iA. What I am proud to say is my passion for iA is matched by our team’s passion for ensuring that NEXiA and our pharmacy automation solutions continue to evolve and improve so that we can enable our customers to unleash the full potential of pharmacy.

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