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Women’s History Month at iA

Mar 28, 2022 | Blogs

Here at iA, we celebrate and acknowledge Women’s History Month by applauding the incredible women within our organization who make possible our vision to Unleash the Full Potential of Pharmacy. This diverse group of leaders collectively devote themselves to high standards of excellence and hard work, simultaneously paving the way for future generations of female leaders to follow their example.

This year, we asked some of the wonderful women at iA to share a bit about their experiences as women in tech and their hopes for women in the future. 

Please read below to hear directly from our team. 

What women in leadership have most inspired you? 

“Honestly, it’s likely a woman no one has met: my mom! I watched her work her way up the corporate ladder in the late 80’s/early 90’s being a single mom. She overcame a lot. I watched her succeed in countless roles, provide for us, and lead our family in a positive direction. It left a lasting influence on my personal leadership.”

-Stacey Weber, Senior Direct of Communications

What are the benefits to having women in leadership? 

“I think there are many benefits to having women in leadership roles. One, it’s inspiring for future generations of women. Where we once didn’t see much opportunity at the top, we now see the gender gap closing and I can only hope that little girls today will grow up and not see a gap at all. I think women internally are born with this nurturing skill set. It doesn’t have to be family oriented, actually it works outside of that. Example: in any leadership position you’re able to nurture and grow your teams, your policies, your markets, etc. and women do very well with this. 

The last benefit I will comment on, but certainly not “THE” last overall, is that women also have intuition. The University of Cambridge actually published a study with 90,000 people to prove the theory that women can utilize intuition to know how people are feeling emotionally just by looking at pictures of their eyes. The study was consistent that women outperform men in this area. That is not to say men are not intuitive, however, I feel women are strong in this area and that it helps them in leadership roles.”

-Emily Keiper, Principal Product Manager


“Women in leadership provide perspectives that organizations need and are unique to any leadership team. They represent 50% of the population and need to have a voice in all decisions impacting an organization. When I started my career, at the first company, there were no female executives. Decisions were made without input on valuable areas in the benefit world, availability expectations, leave of absences for families, etc.”

-Stacey Weber, Senior Direct of Communications

Are there other women at iA that have inspired you?

“Yes! Alecia Lashier has inspired me a lot. Just to see where she started and how far she has come is inspiring. She is widely respected and remains accessible, humble, and vital to all we do. I look up to her so much for how much she knows but more than anything, how she has kept her integrity throughout all of her success.”

Nickole Lavalette, Engineering Project and Documentation Manager


“There are many women I’ve had the pleasure to work with during my time here at iA who have inspired me in some way. My direct manager paved her way to a well deserved Vice President position and I was here to see it. I also see the numerous women that reside on our executive leadership team, and it too is inspiring. When you work for a company that gives credit where credit is due regardless of gender, it motivates you.”

-Emily Keiper, Principal Product Manager


“Ronda McClurg for sure! I have known her for a while and have seen her grow in her own leadership and bring great value in mentoring her team and training leaders in choosing top talent. At a previous organization, she helped me in my early leadership career with how to interview and choose the right candidates for the role based on competencies. When she started at iA, I reached out to her and told her I was interested in this role – I guess you can say the rest is history. So I also thank her for this awesome opportunity.”

-Stacey Weber, Senior Direct of Communications

What has been the most rewarding aspect of becoming a female in the world of tech?

“I think for myself personally there has always been this struggle about who I should be, or how I should portray myself as a woman who has always worked in male dominated spaces. I’ve been told to be bolder, to speak up, then told to reel it in – don’t say too much, you’re being too aggressive. It’s hard to walk that very fine line that I feel women have to constantly walk. I made it a personal goal in 2022 to just be true to myself and not let others dictate who I am. So far just embracing and portraying “me” while at work and going with my gut I feel has helped me produce the best work yet and the support I receive from my peers, and my company, has been amazing.”

-Emily Keiper, Principal Product Manager

Which of your accomplishments are you most proud of as a woman in the business world?

“I am most proud of my growth at iA. I began as an Assistant Supervisor in Manufacturing and then was promoted to a Document Control Specialist after 9 months. Just under a year later, I was again promoted to Engineering Project and Documentation Manager. This has challenged me in every way imaginable. I am interacting with vendors, customers, and interviewing new teammates. Every day is different. Every day is challenging. And I love what I do! I am so proud of what I have learned, how I have grown, and how I am working and thriving. And I am so grateful for those who saw this potential in me and gave me the opportunities to grow and develop.”

Nickole Lavalette, Engineering Project and Documentation Manager


“Bringing my ideas to life by making a difference and seeing the success of others everyday. Knowing that my knowledge and passion has helped others achieve their successes, and continue to strive to do better, is what makes me most proud. Whether this be with our internal employees or our customers. The compliance application and Destination Unleashed are two projects that are dear to my heart. The compliance application is utilized around the country providing the customer with the health of their pharmacies. Destination Unleashed is in progress, but my hope is that it will expand the knowledge of our internal employees as well as guide our customers bringing success to so many.”

-Becky Keefe, Director of People Development

How do you hope your work helps future generations of women?

“I hope my work helps inspire future generations to find what their super powers are and pursue them.”

-Rose Wolf, Marketing Manager


“I hope that future generations of women will be empowered to have the confidence to use their voice and show their talents.”

-Becky Keefe, Director of People Development


“I think if I’m able to succeed in what I’m doing and share my insight, experiences, thoughts, and feelings with others, that maybe I’ll be able to motivate or inspire, but I think the most inspiring thing to date for women and future generations is when we elected a woman Vice President into the office. Going from once not being able to even vote, to being in office has tremendously closed a gap for women everywhere. I hope my little girl grows up knowing she can accomplish anything she wants to accomplish in this life regardless of gender.”

-Emily Keiper, Principal Product Manager


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