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Once you realize the benefits of pharmacy automation, easily scale to meet the needs of your pharmacy.

iA’s Cabinet allows you to customize your pharmacy automation solution to grow and align with your prescription volume. iA’s Cabinet also features a small footprint and integrates seamlessly, allowing you to add cabinets in 50-dispenser increments.

Small Footprint

iA’s Cabinet delivers a small counting device-to-space ratio, featuring 50 counting device in just three square feet. iA’s Cabinet can fit into almost any retail pharmacy environment.

Grows With You

As you realize the potential of pharmacy automation, you can easily scale using iA’s Cabinet to meet the needs of your pharmacy.

Improved Accuracy & Analytics

iA’s Cabinet adds to your ability to simultaneously count orders, auto-calibrate, and maximize productivity in a way that aligns with your prescription volume. iA’s Cabinet also feature bar-code driven protocols that can increase accuracy and further support pharmacy growth, best practices, and profitability.

iA's intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform — NEXiA — is the technological foundation of our automated fulfillment solutions, connecting many aspects of the prescription fulfillment process — from prescription acceptance to delivery, across many different touch points. NEXiA manages prescription fulfillment, while continuously processing prescription orders in real time, evaluating constraints, and preparing orders to ensure prescriptions reach patients with optimal speed and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Continuous self-calibration with real-time adjusting to account for changes in environment or pill behavior
  • The locked hopper door and secure internal buffer is controlled by NEXiA, iA’s enterprise intelligent software, and helps prevent unauthorized access
  • Drastically reduces chance of cross contamination between drug classes by recording drug assignments and only allowing the same drug class to be assigned
  • 800cc hopper volume reduces the amount of time spent on replenishment
  • Tracks medication inventory to improve inventory management and provide real-time data to make informed decisions
  • Compact design easily fits into existing pharmacy layouts, minimizing renovations and operational disruption
  • Connects with any PMSS or NEXiA proprietary enterprise intelligent software
  • Scalable connection and seamless integration to NEXiA intelligent enterprise software, as your demand grows

Cabinet Specifications 

Includes iA’s SmartDispenser


67.82”H x 25.94”W x 16.34”D

Small counting device-to-space ratio with 50 SmartDispensers in just three square feet.