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iA’s Alecia Lashier Recognized by Drug Store News as One of the Top Women in Health, Wellness, and Beauty

Nov 22, 2021 | News

Indianapolis, I.N. / Johnson City, N.Y. – At iA, we are especially passionate about two central aspects of our business, our customers, and our people. That is why we were excited and proud to have our Chief Automation Officer, Alecia Lashier, recognized by Drug Store News (DSN) as one of its Business Excellence Winners as part of DSN’s Top Women in Health, Wellness & Beauty.

Lashier’s selection is really at the nexus of iA’s passion for its customers and its people. Having begun her career with iA as a college intern, Lashier has grown with us and has been an integral part in iA’s work to unleash the full potential of pharmacy. Her career path is really informed by her commitment to innovating for our customers. iA’s intelligent enterprise pharmacy fulfillment software platform, NEXiA, was developed in part by Lashier, and continues to be the core of iA’s products. 

When Lashier began at iA, she recognized that pharmacy fulfillment was in its formative stages and that while it had tremendous potential, the one thing that was missing was a centralized software platform that could connect all of these seemingly disparate hardware devices to deliver improved connectivity, productivity, and efficiency across pharmacy fulfillment processes. Lashier’s relentless commitment to evolve iA’s pharmacy fulfillment software platform has been and continues to be essential in its growth and success for iA customers.

“Alecia Lashier’s selection by DSN is especially meaningful for all of us iA,” noted Tom Utech, group president of software & product at iA. “NEXiA really is a product of Lashier’s passion to solve the challenges iA customers face. Today, NEXiA, informed by those challenges, is now enabling our customers to explore solutions that are truly changing the role of pharmacy when it comes to patient care. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Lashier, and all the other women honored this year, for continuing to advance and improve pharmacy during this critical time.” 


DSN’s Business Excellence Winner Announcement

Chief Automation Officer, iA

The pillar of knowledge within the iA organization, Alecia Lashier is one of the founding creators of the pharmacy fulfillment technology company’s NEXiA Software, providing comprehensive capabilities and flexibilities to drive omnichannel pharmacy fulfillment all the way from prescription acceptance to delivery across many different touch points. Lashier is a subject matter expert and assists in  all technical execution and engineering at iA, an innovator of software-enabled pharmacy fulfillment technologies. For more than 20 years she has taken a hands-on approach, working closely with industry and academia to advance technology solutions, especially in the field of healthcare. She is frequently sought after to solve complex technology problems that reshape and improve healthcare globally.

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