iA Launches Shared Central Fulfillment Solution – Driving Innovation by Increasing the Availability to Centralized Fulfillment Options




iA’s NEXiA software, along with iA’s advanced automation and robotics, now enables central fill operations with the ability to monetize excess capacity within a central fulfillment operation while providing seamless operations across multiple pharmacy providers.

iA®, a company that provides an integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform for retail, health system, and government pharmacies, announced the launch of Shared Central Fulfillment. Shared Central Fulfillment is a cloud-based solution that enables pharmacy fulfillment owners to offer centralized fulfillment services to multiple pharmacy partners from a single fulfillment center. By combining iA’s NEXiA® Fulfillment and NEXiA Cloud software, along with advanced automation & robotics technologies, pharmacies now have the ability to unlock excess capacity in a central fill operation through Shared Central Fulfillment and can provide seamless prescription fulfillment for multiple pharmacy partners allowing prescriptions from multiple pharmacy management system feeds and inventory separation. iA is dedicated to building solutions that support a more sustainable work environment for pharmacy providers, which can ultimately advance the pharmacist’s role in healthcare.

“With over 30 years in the pharmacy automation space, iA recognizes the pharmacy industry needs a movement in order to progress pharmacy operations,” said Tom Utech, Chief Executive Officer, iA. “Shared Central Fulfillment is an innovative solution that enables both large and small pharmacy operations to capitalize on centralized fulfillment. Pharmacy Providers can now expand prescription fulfillment solutions across multiple pharmacy partners from a single fulfillment center, enabling more pharmacies access to solutions that help improve workflow, increase efficiency, and ultimately free up pharmacies to spend more time providing quality care to patients.”

Shared Central Fulfillment expands the pharmacy fulfillment solutions iA offers, extending its reach and deepens its collaborative efforts across pharmacy settings, encompassing community, health system, retail, specialty, and federal pharmacies. To date iA has provided Centralized and Community fulfillment solutions that help Pharmacy Providers improve profitability, increase efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by shifting filling activities away from front-line retail, health system, and government pharmacies.

“Through Shared Central Fulfillment, Pharmacy Providers can leverage existing centralized fulfillment centers to power their prescription fulfillment to make a bigger impact in their communities by filling prescriptions on behalf of partner pharmacies.  And they can now do this utilizing the same innovative and scalable technologies that iA has built over the last 30 years,” explained Utech. “Our vision is to unleash the full potential of pharmacy, to achieve this, it is essential to provide solutions that are accessible and feasible by a greater number of pharmacies, and Shared Central Fulfillment is key.”

iA’s Shared Central Fulfillment solution is now available for all customers. For additional details, please visit: iARx.com/Shared-Central-Fill.


About iA

iA® (Innovation Associates®) is a pharmacy fulfillment company that provides an integrated platform of capabilities to support Centralized, Community and Shared Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy fulfillment business, we have developed and implemented a suite of automation and software solutions that help deliver quick and sustainable business results. Our integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform enables scalable solutions that helps run the prescription fulfillment process from prescription acceptance to delivery, supporting dynamic design flexibility to service pharmacies in a variety of volumes and settings. Our solutions improve workflow, and increase efficiency, while enabling more time for pharmacists to focus on their patients. iA works with pharmacy providers in the Commercial, Health Systems, Government, and Mail Order/eCommerce markets. iA can help customers transform their pharmacy.


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