iA® Launches NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics – Driving Innovation in Pharmacy Fulfillment with Cloud-Based Advanced Analytics Solution.




NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics enables pharmacy fulfillment customers to optimize decision-making through advanced insights and visibility that can allow increased efficiency, lower cost to fill, and help meet promise times for patient prescriptions. 

iA®, a company that provides an integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform, today announced the launch of NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics, its first cloud-based application for NEXiA® software for pharmacy fulfillment. NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics adds a new intelligence application to iA®’s NEXiA® software suite that enables customers to visualize pharmacy operations across multiple fulfillment locations in near real-time. Enterprise Analytics can help customers identify trends more quickly and aid in delivering prescriptions to patients with optimal speed and efficiency. 

“NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics is the first of several applications we’re introducing to current and new iA customers that are cloud-based,” said Marvin Richardson, CEO at iA®. “This new product we’re launching shows how iA® is committed to driving innovation within the pharmacy industry. As a company, we are an active participant in the success of our customers, as we continue to enhance our solutions to find better and easier ways for our customers to manage their pharmacy fulfillment operations, which ultimately helps free up pharmacists to focus on providing the best possible care to their community.”

NEXiA® Enterprise Analytics is the first cloud-based application to be released within the NEXiA® software suite for pharmacy fulfillment. When customers upgrade their capabilities to utilize Enterprise Analytics, they will have access to a variety of different dashboards that contextualizes hardware and operations information in near real-time visualizations. These dashboards help enable operations leaders to better understand prescription throughput, inventory availability, hardware downtime, labor utilization, service levels, and shipping metrics to improve their operational efficiency through better decision-making.

NEXiA® is the technology foundation of iA®’s Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform, which dynamically connects automation, people, and processes to help optimize prescription fulfillment, while not losing sight of safety, quality, and accurate dispensing. 

“We understand the importance of operations visibility and continue to look for ways to innovate solutions that enable customers to harness the full potential of their data and meet their business goals,” said Tom Utech, President and Chief Operating Officer at iA®. “Our team is committed to the continuous build of new capabilities within our Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform to make it easier for customers to view, control, and scale their operations through data-driven decisions – and ultimately provide their patients with access to better patient care.”

About iA®

iA® (Innovation Associates®) is a pharmacy fulfillment company that provides an integrated platform of capabilities to support Centralized and Community Pharmacy Fulfillment Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the pharmacy fulfillment business, iA® has developed and implemented a suite of automation and software solutions that help deliver quick and sustainable business results. Our integrated Pharmacy Fulfillment Platform enables scalable solutions that helps run the prescription fulfillment process from prescription acceptance to delivery, supporting dynamic design flexibility to service pharmacies in a variety of volumes and settings. Our solutions improve workflow, and increase efficiency, while enabling more time for pharmacists to focus on their patients. iA® works with pharmacy providers in the Commercial, Health Systems, Government, and Mail Order/eCommerce markets. iA® can help customers transform their pharmacy. For more information, visit iARx.com.


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