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iA Customers Turn to Prescription Fulfillment to Ease Workloads and Address Labor Shortages

Nov 22, 2022 | Blogs

By: Alecia Lashier

Over the years there has been a big push to make pharmacy more patient-focused, and COVID-19 only expedited that change. The role of the pharmacist is becoming a critical resource for delivering patient care, with the expectation for pharmacists to provide immunizations and diagnostic testing. The hope is that this trend continues to evolve. 

iA can play a significant role in enabling this evolution with our software-enabled fulfillment solutions. We’re working to help pharmacies streamline their operations so pharmacists can spend more time on patient care. 

Pharmacies are turning to prescription fulfillment solutions to help address labor shortages and pharmacist burnout 

Burnout rates skyrocketed as pharmacists worked to administer vaccines and COVID-19 tests on top of their already heavy workloads, a problem amplified by labor shortages. This is where iA comes into play. Our ultimate goal is to give pharmacists back time to focus on patient care by moving prescription fulfillment to central fill locations. And what makes us unique in this space is our ability to configure solutions that are specific to a pharmacy’s needs and strategic goals – because no two challenges or providers are the same. 

A few ways in which we’re helping some of our customers today include: 

  • Reducing repetitive, low-value tasks by shifting fulfillment work to a central location, which can help to increase available time in store
  • Increasing efficiency opportunities in-store through the addition of automated pill dispensing and pick-to-light storage and retrieval
  • Removing tasks that are manual and prone to human error  
  • Informed, real-time, and quality decisions, with iA’s enterprise prescription fulfillment software, NEXiA

While there are many benefits to implementing a prescription fulfillment strategy, modeling and optimizing solutions can be complicated – and finding the right partner is essential. If your pharmacy is struggling with pharmacist burnout and labor shortages, consider reaching out to iA to start alleviating those pain points. Our solutions are created by pharmacists, for pharmacists, and informed by over 50 years of experience. We’ll work with you to analyze your systems, model the right mix of solutions, and ensure we’re exceeding your business goals to improve your bottom line. Reach out today to get started:   

Pharmacy technology is being utilized by smaller and independent pharmacies, too 

As part of iA’s commitment to improving pharmacy operations, it is important that our prescription fulfillment solutions can be integrated into pharmacies of a variety of shapes and sizes. Our NEXiA software and modular product designs create the flexibility and scalability that enable us to integrate our solutions into virtually any pharmacy environment.

This means we can seamlessly integrate our NEXiA software into existing dispensing and warehouse management systems, while also working with pharmacies to implement new solutions to grow as you grow. For instance, maybe your pharmacy location has already invested in a counting device that works well for your current needs, but you know you’ll soon need a software solution that can create line of sight across all steps of the fulfillment process for better efficiency and accuracy. NEXiA can make that happen.

All of this to say, if you’re working to find a way to address the challenges of the pharmacy industry today, we can work with you to configure a solution that meets your specific needs. 

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