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How iA is improving patient choice with adherence pouch packaging within pharmacy fulfillment

Oct 19, 2021 | Blogs

By: Reed Richardson

With our iA customers, we see how pharmacy providers are increasingly competing to offer the best experience to attract and retain patients and customers. An important aspect of this commitment is spending time with patients and giving patients the choice of when, where, and how they receive their prescriptions.

The introduction of therapy management solutions as a part of Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA is an essential next step in this commitment to providing pharmacy automation solutions that are at the forefront of the industry. The expanded services that pharmacies can provide in the front end of a pharmacy require more flexible fulfillment models in the back end of the pharmacy. Pharmacy Fulfillment by iA offers robust pharmacy automation solutions that can help create the time pharmacists need to expand their delivery of patient care services while also allowing for new or additional patient choices.

In December 2020, we announced our integration with the BD Rowa™ Pouch Packaging Solution, enabling pharmacy providers with expanded solutions that now include adherence pouch packaging. As our CEO, Marvin Richardson, noted at the time, “Our collaboration with BD is an important step in ensuring that iA can work with our customers to provide for improved patient choice and convenience when it comes to prescriptions.”

For iA, this is important because it enables us to work with our customers to reexamine how their patients receive medications and do so in a way that supports convenience while also helping them adhere to their prescription regimen. In addition, medications are assembled in easy-to-open pouches. The guesswork is removed, making it easier for patients follow their daily course of medications and easier for pharmacy providers by offering this within a centralized fulfillment offering.

Improved patient choice leads to improved patient experience.

If you spend time on our website and read our blogs, you’ll see how passionate iA is about the pharmacy, and I invite you to learn more about how iA is equally passionate about the front end. This passion is driven by our commitment to work with our customers to free up the one thing pharmacists most need now – time.

Adherence pouch packaging, it’s a win-win-win.

As the CDC notes, “…direct health care costs associated with nonadherence have grown to approximately $100–$300 billion of U.S. health care dollars spent annually.” That’s a lot. And while we work with our customers to unleash the full potential of their pharmacies, an essential part of that work is heightened by the value we can collectively realize across our country if we work together to reduce nonadherence.

It’s a win-win-win. First, iA can help our customers strengthen their pharmacy. Second, their patients realize improved customer choice and can now get their medications virtually any way they want. And third, for our healthcare system, we can work together to reduce national healthcare costs.

That’s Pharmacy Fulfilled.


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