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How can retail pharmacy providers accelerate their central fill strategy? With iA SmartStart.

Aug 25, 2022 | Blogs

By: David Hogg

We’ve been saying it a lot these last few years, but it continues to hold true: the pharmacy industry is changing rapidly, and we need prescription fulfillment automation now more than ever to help free up pharmacists’ time to focus on patient care and manage staffing shortages. Many of the folks who work at iA are pharmacists too. We get it, and that’s why I’m especially excited to share more about how our latest innovation – iA SmartStart – can help retail pharmacies keep up with this rapid pace of change by helping to accelerate their central fill strategy. 

Why iA SmartStart and central fill? 

iA SmartStart was the product of witnessing the industry’s obstacles, both in the short and long term, when it comes to central fill solutions. We know that central fill can do a lot for pharmacy providers when it comes to freeing up time in retail stores, but we also know implementing central fill solutions takes time – something not a lot of pharmacy providers have amidst a shortage of pharmacists, during a pandemic. 

We knew we needed a solution for our customers who are working toward implementing central fill solutions, but also want to realize the benefits of central fill and iA prescription fulfillment solutions sooner.

That’s where iA SmartStart comes in. We’re helping expedite the time to implementing a central fill strategy in order to help pharmacy providers realize the time- and cost-saving benefits.  

Going from fast to faster with central fill 

The key to iA SmartStart’s ability to go live as fast as it does, is that it’s turnkey. 

iA SmartStart helps retailers scale prescription fulfillment solutions as they go. Before, a central fill strategy would take many months to get up and running at a large scale, now, with iA SmartStart, that process and the time-saving benefits for pharmacists occur by implementing a mix of manual and semi-automated solutions that work seamlessly together for smaller-scale solutions that grow as customers do. 

This solution also allows pharmacists to get trained on our NEXiA software at a scale of 5,500 Rxs a shift; this is earlier on in the adoption phase than was ever possible before, so that the onboarding process is expedited during the central fill integration phase. Saving pharmacy providers both time and money. 

Cost savings with iA SmartStart

And with an accelerated approach to central fill, iA can also help a pharmacy realize cost-saving benefits by reducing the cost to fill, improving quality, freeing up pharmacists for patient services, while also addressing labor shortages. It’s a win, win, win. 

Let’s talk so you can begin your journey as we work together to unleash the full potential of your pharmacy, faster. The 

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