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Celebrating iA’s 2022 Employee Award Recipients

Mar 21, 2023 | Blogs

By: Dionne Archie, Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

At iA, we believe every single one of our customers is important and understand that each has unique needs and expectations for their business. We strive to provide the best possible customer experience to meet those needs. To celebrate and honor our talented and hardworking team, iA hosts an annual award ceremony, recognizing the contributions to providing a great customer experience and innovation in the pharmacy industry.

This year, we are excited to announce the winners of our 2022 Employee Awards across five categories. Each of these awards encourages our employees to be innovative and recognizes their teamwork and creative thinking to improve our solutions, the customer experience, and ultimately, patient outcomes.  

One BIG Idea Award

Our CEO, Marvin Richardson, encouraged employees to submit their “One Big Idea” to help identify new ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency for our customers. This year’s winner, Michael Hostetler, Lead Robotics Engineer, recommended updates to our automation, powered by our pharmacy software, NEXiA.

Star Awards

Our Star Awards recognize employees who consistently provide outstanding customer service, ensuring follow-through, and displays iA’s company core value of being Customer Centric. This year’s recipients are Joe Monahan, Customer Experience Program Leader, Allie Rooney, Director of Software Platforms, Tracy O’Neill, Director of Project Management, Ethan Randolph, Demand Planner, and David Carrico, Material Handler.

Rx Legacy Award

The Rx Legacy Award recognizes an employee’s passion for innovating and providing new solutions, services, and approaches that will have a direct impact on the pharmacy industry for years to come. This year’s winner is David Cameron, Dispenser Engineering Leader, who has been with iA since June 2008 and is known for his passion of creating solutions that are better than the last.

CEO Award

The CEO Award recognizes an employee who demonstrates dedication, endurance, heart, and goes beyond expectations to champion a diverse group and remove roadblocks in the way of success. This year’s winner is someone who gives 120%, is a wealth of knowledge, and looks at problems with a holistic approach. Congratulations to Benjamin Decker, Senior Program Leader / Systems Manager.

Mary Reno Leadership Award

Finally, our first-ever Mary Reno Leadership Award is in honor of iA’s former CEO, Mary Reno, who passed away this past September. For those who had the opportunity to know and work with Mary, they understood not only how extraordinary of a person she but also recognized her as for being incredibly smart, Harvard educated and a strong female business leader. She led Innovation (now iA) through exceptionally challenging times of growth with humor, wit, charm, and a very strong will. For that reason, this award is presented to an employee who encourages the success of others, emphasizes the strength of meaningful relationships, and leads by example. 

Congratulations to Timothy Limer, Senior Vice President and Corporate Compliance Officer, who earned this award for his unique ability to teach and mentor, work collaboratively, and empower others to grow. 

From the relationships between pharmacists and patients to the trust we build with our customers, strong partnerships are integral to everything we do at iA. We are proud to have a team of talented and dedicated employees who are committed to providing the best pharmacy fulfillment solutions for our customers. Congratulations to all our 2022 Employee Award recipients and thank you for your commitment to customer centricity and innovation.

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