iA SmartStart

iA’s new turnkey solution for expediting the implementation of central fill pharmacy automation.

Expedite the path to full central fill automation with iA SmartStart.

Retailers are turning to iA for state-of-the-art central fill solutions that can help free-up pharmacists to focus on patient care. With iA SmartStart, we can help retailers realize the full potential of central fill more quickly, aiding in reducing store-level inventory, and helping drive down the cost to fill. Reach out to get started with one of our specialists to start unleashing the full potential of your pharmacy.

Fills up to 5,500 Rxs
per shift

Helps lower cost
to fill

Helps reduce labor
& inventory costs

Accelerate your time to value.

iA SmartStart is designed to help pharmacy providers expedite the time-to-value of their central fill strategy, aid in reducing store-level inventory and labor costs, help reduce cost to fill, while empowering up to 5,500 Rx fills per shift.

Here are some ways that we can get you started with iA SmartStart, today:

  • Align against tailored pharmacy KPIs like reducing inventory holding costs and freeing up pharmacists’ time
  • Expedite the path to automated central fill strategy leveraging NEXiA’s existing software configurations
  • Bring teams and technology together to help drive efficiency

Get started with iA SmartStart

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